308 heavy carbine buffer

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Most AR-10 style rifles are inherently over-gassed and come with a factory buffer that is just too light to get the job done. A heavier .308 buffer will give your rifle that millisecond extra lock up and your internal parts will take less abuse and parts will last long. A heavier .308 carbine buffer slows down the dwell time of the action ever so slightly, so you get less felt recoil and your brass will have less signs of pressure.

Our heavy .308 carbine buffers come with a steel body and tungsten weights to get to the desired weight for a proper functioning rifle.  

These buffers are for stocks that use a carbine buffer, such as most collapsible stocks used for AR15/AR10 style rifles.

    • Material: Steel Body with Tungsten Weight
    • Finish: Parkerized
    • Actual Weight: 5.5oz
    • Length: 2.5"
    • Carbine length buffer for AR10 style rifles